5 tips to beat IBS!

IBS can come at the most inconvenient times, and because everyone’s body works differently it can be triggered by a combination of things! Finding ways to settle your tummy isn’t easy, but I have found 5 tips to combat IBS!

  1.  Peppermint Tea – This has to be my favourite of all and it’s so easy to get your hands on! Be careful though as some peppermint tea’s don’t have the right strength and have added ingredients. The best way is of course the most natural which are mint leaves, you can easily grab a bag from your local supermarket. This is a great preventative because you can do it on the go and is also a great way of keeping hydrated. 
  2. Journals – We have many different stresses on the mind everyday and sometimes you convince yourself that you are fine, but your IBS is telling you differently and it can be impossible to pin point what is the source of the problem. Being open and honest with yourself is key to preventing stomach problems. So writing down how you are feeling, setting yourself goals and having reminders or lists of things to do can really help to distract you and focus your energy. Not only to keep yourself occupied but to keep your mind ticking and working in a stress free environment.
  3. Baths & Candles – You know when some people say “A cup of tea solves everything” well they’re wrong! Hot baths do!!!! Especially with burning candles. Not only does it relax your mind but it relaxes your muscles, boosts your mood, aids better sleep if you take them before bed and again relieves stress. 
  4. Hot Water Bottles – These have become my new best friend. I must own about 4 and they are dotted all over the place, even under my desk at work. The heat from the hot water bottle helps to relax tight/spasming muscles and it shuts down the feeling of pain and distracts your body with the feeling of heat. It really does work wonders! 
  5. Exercise –  The last thing you want to do when you feel groggy, slouchy and just YUK is exercise, but it doesn’t need to be an intense workout. My favourite form of exercise is walking and I am extremely fortunate to live right next to the beach, so seafront walks have become part of my weekly routine. Exercise releases endorphin’s which act as a natural pain killer to the body, so even smallest form of exercise will help boost your mood and take your mind away from daily worries.

IBS is an absolute pain (no pun intended)  but hopefully you can implement some of these tips and make some changes to your daily routine, It can be a vicious circle when your stomach is really bad because you just don’t want to do anything. But I promise if you put in the effort, you will feel better! 

Until next time

D x 

3 thoughts on “5 tips to beat IBS!

  1. I’m going to be contrary and say that I find no use in peppermint tea! Doctors rave about it as a “cure all” but neither peppermint tea or capsules have ever helped me! Perhaps that’s just me, I know other people find it eases the pain. I agree 500% about baths though – I’m a bath addict, much to the heating bills disgust! Exercising to ease IBS is also something people don’t think about. I horse ride daily, cycle and walk everywhere, and play tennis and badminton in the summer and it’s really helps. Obviously with really bad flare ups, I’m bed ridden, but on the day to day it’s a big help!


    1. Yes some people find peppermint tea doesn’t help but also eased the pain and bloating! But has to be fresh mint really!
      Baths are a god send I have one daily if I can, I don’t even care about the water bill I’d rather have a bath haha! Glad you agree 🙂

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