Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life!

It is now January 2018…. WHAT THE HELL! My 2018 new years resolution is to blog more, as you all know its been a while but with good reason, and all will be explained. I am just coming to the end of my 4 week sugar and yeast free diet and boy do we have a lot of catching up to do!!! 

As you all know I have been diagnosed with IBS and also suffer from lactose intolerance. It is a bit of a dead end as there is no real cure for IBS and still alot of unanswered questions. An unhealthy gut really does affect your brain activity and mindset. If you have ever experienced a nervous tummy or butterflies before then you will know, but this is your gut sending signals to your brain and is what scientists call your ENS (enteric nervous system). So hopefully you can relate. 

I spent most of my days in 2017 feeling groggy, low in energy, lethargic and emotional. I remember sometimes just breaking down for no reason and calling my parents on a weekly basis at a complete loss of what to do. Something my parents and friends found very strange, I was such a happy child who was always surrounded by people, but I just wanted to be on my own and fight things by myself. After seeking help from the NHS who i believe get little funding for stomach and food related issues and coming to a complete stand still i decided to do some of my own research into more holistic remedies and cures… something had to change! 

Five weeks ago I had an appointment at the Gaia Clinic in Stenying. This clinic focuses on Kinesiology, this is a therapy that tests your muscles to detect an imbalance in your body and what you need in order to restore this balance. Something i was extremely skeptical about but nevertheless i went into my appointment with an open mind. First she sat me down and asked me a few questions about what i was experiencing and how It was making me feel, she then went straight into detecting the imbalances in my body. Something which was very surreal, she was able to unravel parts of my life that I hadn’t even told her just by practicing Kinesology on me and listening to my bodies vibrations.

After finding this all very overwhelming, we sat down to discuss the prognosis. She discovered that I didn’t have IBS and i wasn’t lactose intolerant, which completely threw me but a massive relief at the same time.  It was explained that I have an infection in my small intestine and a leaky gut coming from my large intestine. Every time I feed anything sugary into my body,  the fungus infection in my intestine is feeding off of this bloating, and expanding,  which explains my constantly bloated stomach and all the other symptoms that people just put down to IBS, a category that’s so easy to fall into. She mentioned that my anxiety was all because of the imbalances going on in my body. The hormone imbalances i was experiencing which at one stage gave me bad and unhealthy looking skin, and how my body is trying to release all the toxins from the infection through my skin.

Mum and I were completely overwhelmed and relieved at the same time and just crossed our fingers that something could be done to fix this.  So I am now coming onto my 4th week of my sugar and yeast free diet, which is hopefully killing the infection along with the Probiotics she prescribed me. I have to take these morning and night, with water and away from food, they taste vile BUT I feel happier and more energized. It has also given me a better understanding of how much food contains sugar or sugar substitutes, it baffles me how much we rely on it. 

It hasn’t been easy giving up sugar and yeast over the festive period, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. My next appointment is at the end of January to find out whether the infection has gone and what the next steps are! So of course I will keep you all updated! 

Here’s to happy and healthy 2018! Just remember a happy outside starts from the inside! 



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